Providing Minimally Invasive Surgery in Bluffton, SC

Patients who need surgery in Bluffton, South Carolina come to our compassionate and experienced surgical partners for minimally invasive procedures. At Okatie Surgical Partners, your surgery needs are in the highly skilled hands of our board-certified surgeons, who guide you through every step of your surgical procedure. Our center provides a full range of general surgical care, with a special emphasis on laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, surgical management of breast disease, surgical oncology, and wound management.

Because no two patients are alike, we evaluate each patient and develop a plan of care for the whole individual, not just the disease. As specialists, we work closely with you and your family physician to complete a thorough assessment of your individual condition. Our goal is to provide our patients with first-class surgical care, using the latest research and most advanced technologies, while also providing them with a positive experience that puts them at ease.

By utilizing minimally invasive surgery for many of our patients, we are able to perform our procedures through one or more short incisions, leading to less pain after surgery, a shorter stay in the hospital, a faster recovery, and often a better overall outcome. Many of these operations can be done on an outpatient basis, or require just one night in the hospital after surgery.

Our surgeons, Dr. Robert Brockman and Dr. Jason Cotter, have extensive experience in providing all types of general surgery, along with varied specialties. We provide both inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures at Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville and Hilton Head Hospital on Hilton Head Island. We look forward to providing you with exceptional care in a setting that is efficient, courteous, and professional. For more information or to make an appointment, call us today at (843) 558-8428.


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